Airbus A320 Normal Operations - Eray Cayiroglu
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Airbus A320 Normal Operations

By Eray Cayiroglu

  • Release Date: 2017-01-12
  • Genre: Manuels scolaires


This illustrated handbook has been designed by the author to give commercial pilot candidates a thorough and clear understanding of Normal Procedures, through their initial trainings on an Airbus A320 family aircraft, under the Airbus Standard Operational Procedures. It focuses primarily on the question of “How we do it?”, rather than “Why we do it?”. This focus gives the opportunity to create a simple design, flowing on a common course of actions, declared by Airbus via Operational Manuals, blending with line experience. And for the FS Players; you may use this handbook as a thorough checklist to your operations as well, to get closer to the real thing.