Exploring, Analysing and Interpreting Data with Minitab 18 - Michael Akers
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Exploring, Analysing and Interpreting Data with Minitab 18

By Michael Akers

  • Release Date: 2018-03-12
  • Genre: Industries et professions


This guide has been written to support all those who gather, analyse, and interpret data in the course of their work.    I have aimed to remove some of the mystique surrounding statistics as well as show how the techniques can be used to arrive at decisions in a logical data driven manner.
This guide should be of interest and use to Six Sigma Green and Black Belts, Operations Scientists and Managers, Social Science Students and Practitioners as well as those involved in practical statistical analysis for many other reasons.
For each technique this guide explains what the technique is and how it is used, it shows how to enter the data into MINITAB 18®, provides logical click-by-click instructions on how to execute each technique and explains how to interpret the results.