Circular Motion and Satellite Motion - Tom Henderson
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Circular Motion and Satellite Motion

By Tom Henderson

  • Release Date: 2013-06-10
  • Genre: Physique


The Physics Classroom's Circular Motion and Satellite Motion textbook is the sixth book in its Tutorial Series. The book uses a down-to-earth style and an easy-to-understand language to discuss circular and satellite motion concepts in a logical manner. Difficult concepts are presented with the help of informative graphics and a common-sense approach. Interactive quizzes are sprinkled throughout the book to help the learner check for understanding. Several interactive widgets are also included, providing learners with mini-apps right inside the textbook. While committed to a concepts-first approach to learning, The Physics Classroom does not shy away from the teaching of mathematical ideas and the solving of word problems. Learners will appreciate the systematic approach to solving problems that is modeled in the Example Problems. And they will have ample opportunity to perfect their own problem-solving skills by doing the numerous practice problems. Each Practice Problem is accompanied by an answer and a complete solution.