More Features

Blkdat works by GUI interaction or by taking user inputs through the url query string. For example, in order to intract with the price data you can do the following:


The following are the query string parameters:

Likewise with the block data you can populate it buy:


You can use a combination of price/volume/block query parameters in combination to display a combination of graphs!


Finally you can pass in Max and Min parameters to limit the window of your graph to starting and ending timestamps (in Microseconds).


Coming Soon...Subscription Services

Blkdat has a powerful feature that allows you to recieve notifications everytime you set condition.

In order to subscribe to notifications, make sure to sign up for an account and go to the bottom of the Home page here:


To have notifications sent to you:

1. In the Instr. to Watch select menu pick which instrument to watch for (BTC, LTC, ETH).

2. In the What to Look for select menu check for price or a block criteria.

3. In the Condition select, choose to send notification when >, <, = to condition is met.

4. In the Price/Block Point input the condition value (i.e. when the price of bitcoin is more than 6000)

As the backend collects the data, if it meets your conditon it will display on the table below:


After a while, your notifications will disappear but you can see them by
Clicking "See Previous Notifications" to expand, This will open up all previous notifications you have saved:


If you have too many notifications saved up press clear:


Confrim Okay to delete all of your saved notifications